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To fulfill our life purpose 

by offering unconditional, Universal service

to humanity and Mother Earth,

for health, happiness, and love. 

I love my heart and soul,

I love all humanity,

Join hearts & souls together,

Love, Peace & harmony

​Love, peace & harmony

Love, forgiveness, peace success

​Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ellen’s Whole Body Health is very focused on Super Foods and Whole Foods as well as Whole Food Supplements. By using the Super and Whole Foods you gain optimum health using the highest quality foods and whole food supplements, in addition to your regular healthy diet. This replaces the traditional method of supplementation. Come in and talk with Ellen.


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Our story and our philosphy

Our mission

Ellen’s Whole Body Health Ltd has been in business since 2006. It is locally owned and operated by Ellen Forsythe.  Ellen truly believes in taking care of and nurturing your whole body.  Although many of us would love a quick fix, it seems they do not exist, but when you incorporate healthy lifestyle changes over time we can heal and live life in optimum health.  At Ellen's we believe health consists of taking care of the mind, physical body (what we do with it and what we put in it), and spirit