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Booster Support Pack

We believe that it is possible for all of us to live our lives in a natural, balanced condition. This means living without spending our life forces managing what happened to us in the past or trying to cope with the imbalances of every day pressures.

The Booster Support Pack (BSP) requires you to sit with your hands on the Balancing Support Pack for just 15 minutes to restore balance and peace within. You will feel your emotions, anxieties and worries drain away. The Balancing Box is aimed at supporting emotional equilibrium. The BSP contains 4 very large magnets with "exciter" charges to boost the experience. Using many of the principles found in eastern approaches to inner balance, including colour therapy, sacred geometry, I-Ching symbols and magnets. To book your 15 minute session call Ellen's at
306-477-3504. For more go to Mary Miller I Ching systems.