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Now available at Ellen’s - Heirloom seeds - Carrots, Kohlrabi, Corn, Kale, Peas, Beans, Collards, Squash, Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts and so much more, if you love to garden use the best seeds and get the best flavour and quality from Heirloom seeds.

There are three traits that really set heirloom produce apart from commercially grown produce: age, pollination, and quality.

Unlike the commercially grown vegetables you find at the grocery store, heirloom vegetables are grown from seeds that have been passed down through the generations, typically at least 50 years. (Although, many varieties are actually much older than that.) Some experts classify heirlooms as vegetables introduced before 1951, the time when plant breeders first introduced hybrids. Heirloom seeds are non GMO and typically not exposed at all to chemicals, this makes Heirloom seeds the best. 

Heirloom vegetables are also open-pollinated — meaning that pollination happens totally naturally, with no outside assistance. It relies on natural pollination from insects and the wind.

What really draws so many of us to heirloom produce is its flavor; the taste and quality of commercially grown produce doesn't even compare to heirloom.

Heirloom seeds
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