​​​Ellen's offers a new program for people who are in need of the Energy Reset, call Ellen's (306-477-3504) to book an appointment with Ellen for a 1/2 hour or one hour Energy Reset session. This session can include an essential oil as well will include hands on energy therapy to help you balance your energy and reset yourself that day.

Book your one hour Reiki Treatments with Ellen for only $60​​

Tuesday evenings 6:30 – 8:30 join Lydia Maes at Ellen’s to learn more about healing at the soul level and to follow the teachings of Master Sha. . Lydia is a Divine Chanel in training under the teachings of Master Sha. You will learn to heal at the Soul level.  Heart Share from 6:30pm to 7pm, then regular group starts at 7pm. For more information on Master Sha go to www.drsha.com. Cost is $5:00 each, no need to register just walk in. For more information email lydiamaes@winmar.ca


Visit Ellen's for our new aroma therapy necklaces for use with essential oils. We have several pendants for use with essential oils, some are clay, some are tiny glass bottles. We also carry a large variety of the Young Living therapeutic grade, medicinal and food grade essential oils.

new to ellen's:

Supreme Fulvic & Humic Complex™ -  Your premium-quality source of organic, full-spectrum, plant-based nutrients. Supreme Fulvic & Humic Complex™ is a unique organic proprietary alkaline liquid fulvic acid humic acid formulation naturally containing over 72 fulvic humic trace minerals, trace vitamins, 18 amino acids, and an abundance of other beneficial naturally occurring organic source humic phytochemicals and constituents that are nature's way of helping your body.

Naka Longevity Powder from their Professional Line of products - One scoop a day replaces the nutrients in 12 capsules, excellent for heart health by creating nitric oxide and is anti-aging.

Beautiful organic, alcohol free, chemical free perfumes. MyTao : Say Hello To The first Demeter perfume IN THE WORLD quote from Axel Meyel "Organic not only tastes better, but also smells better". Try it and be convinced for yourself!

Hemp Oil/Cannabis Sativa - There are 45 nutrients the human body can’t live without, nor can our bodies manufacture, 24 minerals,13 vitamins 8 amino acids. No single food has all of them.ed Marijuana Seed Oil gel capscontain 100% pure Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil (strain is bred for medicinal purposes) and provides the perfect ratio of the omega cluster (3,6 and 9) to the exacting ratio that mammals require for optimum health. Research has shown that supplementation with omega 3 alone can have a reverse effect on the immune system and can lead to hardening of the arteries. Med Marijuana Seed Oil gel caps have an 80% concentration of essential fatty acids and ontain as substantial amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Potassium, calcium., magnesium,  iron, copper (good for absorption, storage and metabolism of iron and is required for brain development and nerve cell communication). The protein mimics the globulin protein found in our bodies.

Lemurian Plug is a Lemurian crystal plate that you plug into an outlet into your home or office. Within 2 days the plug will ground your space and the people within.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products are healing by way of the skin, our body’s largest organ. A form of transdermal magnesium therapy, our magnesium oil, magnesium gel, magnesium lotion and magnesium bath flakes are designed to deliver magnesium through the skin, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for convenient, rapid absorption into the cells.Some benefits of Ancient Minerals topical magnesium are restores cellular magnesium levels; natural cellular protectant; facilitates safe and effective detoxification, relief of aches, pains, spasms; elevates mood and relieves stress; encourages healthy skin tissue; helps maintain proper muscle function, boosts energy levels; supports a healthy immune system; balances the hormonal system; calms overactive nerves; and improves quality of sleep.

Beyond Silverprovides ideal access to the health benefits of silver, going beyond what simple colloidal silvers offer. Beyond Silver comes in two forms: a liquid for everyday use and a gel for convenient topical applications. It provides immune system support to people who are traveling, who are in high-risk infectious environments, or who are at home within daily life. Beyond Silver is a safe antimicrobial that changes the way we think of preventive medicine.

Jardine Naturals Lice Treatment, apparently lice are resistant to the over the counter treatment. The Jardine Lice treatment - contains olive oil, olive pomace oil, essential oils of tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary, all in a safe non aerosol spray. 

Spektrum Eye Glasses - If you are one of the millions of people around the world that are using their phones, computers or handheld device then you have most likely experienced some sleepless nights and dry/sore eyes or eye fatigue and body fatigue. This is caused by an excess of blue light that our bodies were not designed for. Blue light from the sun helps our bodies determine day from night, and when it’s time for sleep. The introduction of computers and television to our lives often distorts our body’s ability to do this and throws off our body's circadian rhythm, or biological clock. Spektrum's product line helps filter the colors that enter your eye's to prevent negative aspects of our essential devices. Unlike sunglasses they do not reduce overall light or make the world look darker. Instead they tint the range of colors we see to avoid the disruption of our internal clock and prevents the damaged caused to our eyes.

SUNWARRIORall raw, plant based protein in a variety of flavors and Sun Warrior raw greens.

​Kishu - Japanese Active Charcoal
water filter to drop in your water bottle, water pitcher or pet bowl, works immediately to absorb toxins and lasts 4 months.

Earth Mama baby and Mama body care products, body wash, lotion, bottom creams and sprays and more.

Renew Life Cerebrum, to increase your cognitive performance, improve your working memory, increase your attention accuracy, enhance your working memory speed. On Sale now to the end of October. www.renewlife.ca 


Herbasante - Candidaide - a homeopathic remedy for candida and yeast overgrowth.


Fortex - Energy tonic with Propolis extract, Royal Jelly, Pollen and Panax Ginseng in liquid form.


Homeotox - an herbal and homeopathic detox safe to use when taking prescription drugs and gentle enough for the sensitive
system and the elderly.


Spring/Fall Detox - an herbal and homeopathic 12 day detox for the lungs, liver, kidneys, colon, skin and blood.


4Ever Fit - Fruit Blast whey protein, Strawberry Kiwi, mixes easily with water and tastes like juice.21 Grams protein.


Prairie Naturals - Fermented Barley Grass - Organic, vegan, non GMO, Gluten Free,  .

                              Organic Aqua Greens - Spirulina & Chlorella - the perfect superfood duo. 

Living Clay - clay that you ingest for detoxing and deep cleansing the body. The world’s finest clay, safe to use internally or externally to restore your body to excellent health. Safe for daily use. 

Whole Earth And Sea Multivitamins, Herring Oil, Advanced omega oils for the brain, Vegan Vitamin D, Bone Builder - Our free-state vitamins and minerals are derived from whole food sources including our Farm Fresh Factors – raw nutrition from whole plants that captures all the vibrant energy of nature. Combining active food-sourced vitamins and minerals within the Farm Fresh Factors™ matrix serves as nature’s medicine to activate cellular detoxification and promote healthy cell protection. This line is Vegan, Non GMO, Raw and Whole Food. 

news & events​

​​When doing your shopping choose the gifts that will have purpose to those who receive it. Ellen's has a variety of books to choose from, many which are on sale. We have coloring books, rocks, crystals, essential oils, many varieties of Himalayan lamps, aromatherapy lamps, Selenite lamps, we have new Rose Quartz lamps, essential oils diffusers, water bottles with filters and alkalizing stick in a gift pack, men’s grooming products, clean burning candles, shea butter skin care products, jewelry,  gift certificates, and much more. Let us help you with gift ideas.

We carry a large selection of Young Living essential oils or you can order Young Living essential oils online.

Now available at Ellen’s - Heirloom seeds, carrots, kohlrabi, corn, kale, peas, beans, collards, squash, tomatoes, brussel Sprouts and more, if you love to garden use the best seeds and get the best flavour and quality from Heirloom seeds.

June Natural Factors and Preferred Nutrition sale flyer. Some of the items on sale are BioSil, Adrena Sense, Thyro Sense, Meno Sense, Estro Sense,  Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Whole Earth and Sea Herring Gold 1000mg, Deep Ocean Minerals, Multi Vits, Bone Vitamins,  Protein Powders both whey and vegan, Curcumin, Probiotics, Memory Boost, Sleep Remedies, Fish Oils.

For the month of June Dr. Michele Kralkay, Wholistic Nutritionalist and Dr. of Natural Medicine in-store at Ellen's  Thursdays 1:30 - 3:30. Michele has over 30 years of experience in Natural Remedies including BioEnergetic Assessment with Electro Dermal Screening, Systemic Enzyme Therapy, Quantum Touch, Thought Field Therapy and much more. No need to make an appointment, just come as you are and spend a few minutes with Michele to receive guidance on your needs. (Virus, Immune, Scar Tissue, Inflammation, Blood Cleansing, headaches, common ailments, supplementation and more). 

June 22nd  4:00-7:00 p.m.White Hot Smiles with Karen Turner.  If you are looking for a very safe and natural way of removing  stains from teeth without the use of harmful chemicals then book  yourself in for a session. Karen uses hydrogen  peroxide in a gel base with a UV lamp and in just 20 minutes your  teeth can go anywhere from 2 - 6 shades whiter, some people have  experienced even better results and the teeth continue to whiten over  the next several days. Call Ellen's at 306-477-3504 to book your session

​Ellen's is selling a painting by local artist and art teacher Lorette Brown, this beautiful painting is selling for $125.00 and the proceeds are going to an organization that Lorette has been working with for years that helps to get kids out of brothels and into a family home, as well the proceeds go to Food for the Hungry. Stop by Ellen's to see the beautiful painting. There will also be an Art exhibit at the Parkridge center July 2nd from 2-8 p.m. 

Are you looking to learn art? check out what Barb has to offer;
Creating art has long been suggested as a positive health investment. Create your own art with guided assistance. In a two hour session, enjoy exploring your artful nature with Alcohol inks, known for their vibrant, rich colours.  

  • Starting April 18th  -  Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon 1:00PM to 3:00PM
  • Individual or groups of two or three
  • Cost: $45.00 per person, per session
  • Email: artfulexpressionswithbarb@gmail.com  or call: (306) 934-2969

Perfume alternative My Tao natural and organic fragrances. Made with essential oils and water, and without the use of chemicals or alcohol. Visit Ellens to sample the fragrances. We love pure, natural fragrances, and how they connect us with our partners around the world. Each small bottle with its precious essence of TAOASIS, has its own history, and often a long journey. It is full of love, conviction, and passion, and it is not only a scent, but something you can feel. TAOASIS has supported and promoted organic farming since the early 1990s. For us, it is more important now, than ever, to encourage the development of socio-ecological international farming projects, supporting the establishment of partnerships in countries where our raw materials come from. 

​Check out all of our rocks and crystals, Angel cards, Selenite and salt lamps, books, jewellery and more, always new and always changing!​​​​


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