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All of our products whether it be supplements, foods or body care are among the highest quality.  We have sought out products which are pure, clean, and certified organic where possible. If you have any questions or are unfamiliar with certain brands don’t hesitate to ask about them.  Also,please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help. 

AlkaWay ~ UltraStream The World's Best Proven Natural Ionizer & Water Filter. The beauty and magic of UltraStream is that it works exactly like nature to filter, alkalise and naturally energize water, returning it to its natural pristine state. It also reduces bad free radicals that deplete our health at the cellular level. Best of all, the Ultrastream doesn't just filter out the bad, it re-adds the valuable minerals and infused molecular hydrogen, which health experts are calling the supplement of the decade. You'll never have to buy bottled water again. Hydrogen Water: is an antioxidant and prevents brain damage, may improve mood disorders, suppresses inflammation, reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficits and muscle degeneration, prevents metabolic syndrome, may help in weight loss, treats diabetes, may treat metabolic acidosis, may prevent cancer, reduces side effects of cancer treatments, boosts skin health, enhances wound healing, boosts skin health, improves bladder dysfunction, cardio protection, combats allergies, promotes liver and gut health, prolongs lifespan.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products are healing by way of the skin, our body’s largest organ. A form of transdermal magnesium therapy, our magnesium oil, magnesium gel, magnesium lotion and magnesium bath flakes are designed to deliver magnesium through the skin, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for convenient, rapid absorption into the cells.Some benefits of Ancient Minerals topical magnesium are restores cellular magnesium levels; natural cellular protectant; facilitates safe and effective detoxification, relief of aches, pains, spasms; elevates mood and relieves stress; encourages healthy skin tissue; helps maintain proper muscle function, boosts energy levels; supports a healthy immune system; balances the hormonal system; calms overactive nerves; and improves quality of sleep.

Beyond Silver
 provides ideal access to the health benefits of silver, going beyond what simple colloidal silvers offer. Beyond Silver comes in two forms: a liquid for everyday use and a gel for convenient topical applications. It provides immune system support to people who are traveling, who are in high-risk infectious environments, or who are at home within daily life. Beyond Silver is a safe antimicrobial that changes the way we think of preventive medicine.

Brad J. King M.S., MFS, nutritional researcher and bestselling author, is the designer of the Awaken Your Body Ultimate line of supplements. Brad's FREE newsletter www.awakenyourbody.com


Buddhas - hand carved from Bali, choose from the Laughing Buddha, the Meditating Buddha and the Buddha who takes away your sorrows.  

Coconut Oil  -   a BAD OIL? Coconut Oil was once demonized as bad saturated fat, while Dr. Bruce Fife ND, author of many books on coconut oil, heralds it as the best "Healthiest Oil on Earth." Kevin Trudeau, medical researcher and bestselling author, includes virgin coconut oil in his book Natural Cures as "a product that falls in that miraculous category." A few years ago coconut oil was said to be a bad fat. There have been many studies that show the health benefits of coconut oil. However, you must be sure to purchase coconut oil that has been hand pressed or cold pressed. Inexpensive, poor quality oils have been left in the sun to go rancid, then heat processed and then a chemical added to cover the rancid taste and smell.Alpha brand coconut oil is cold pressed and the Alpha DME coconut oil is hand pressed and the only fair trade coconut oil on the market.  The more your body is nourished from the inside with healthy oils the less likely you are to sunburn. Healthy fats nourish and protect your skin from the elements and keep is soft and glowing. Coconut oil is a very healthy fat that reduces the risk of breast cancer, has a high smoke point, improves digestion, balances thyroid and more. Coconut oil also is a good skin moisturizer and will protect the skin from sun damage when used on the skin or ingested. 

   1 tablespoon morning and afternoon with food can help with the following:

  •   Circulation, mood swings, skin
  •   health, depression, constipation, blood pressure, cancer, arthritis,
  •   cholesterol normalized, weight loss, protects your skin from sun damage taken
  •   internally and used externally, digestion, diabetes, improves thyroid
  •   function, antibacterial on the skin for acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin
  •   lesions, dandruff, precancerous skin lesions, chronic fatigue,
  •   hemorrhoids and so much more. Take the 30 day Coconut Oil challenge with Ellen and Linda and see how your health can improve. 

Other healthy oils to include in your diet are Palm Oil, Camelina Oil, Hemp Oil, Flax Oil. Use a variety as you prepare your meals.  http://www.naturalcures.com/(Kevin Trudeau) or to http://www.alphahealth.ca/shop/


Candles with vegetable/soy base, lead free wicks and scented with essential oils, in a beautiful array of mixed scents - Cranberry/Tangerine, Lemongrass, Grapefruit/Guava


Candle holders - Hand painted too beautiful to describe.


Chakra chimes all with beautiful sound and some Feung Shui items.

Crystals & rocks - Come into Ellen's and check out the beautiful new selection just waiting to adorn a space in your home or office. Round faceted crystals great for lifting and circulating the energy in the room.

Eco friendly cloth lunch bags and stainless steel lunch containers - eliminate the plastics and contaminants that we package our food in and eliminate the landfill waste by using safe and reusable lunch containers.


Enerex products; Raw, Vegan, Superfood proteins with 22 grams per serving. Raw, bio-fermented sprouted whole grain brown rice, raw savi seed, raw hemp seed, raw chia seed, raw sprouted quinoa, raw spirulina. Enerex brand products are unique and superior to many other brands that are on the shelves today. 

Enerex Brand Bamboo Silica - Bamboo is the richest known plant source of silica, vital for proper bone formation and helps maintain normal bone structure, heals bone fractures and torn, damaged tendons and ligaments, helps prevent disc degeneration in the spine, healthy arteries, improves skin's elasticity, healthy nails, teeth, gums and hair. 

Flora - Flora is leader in probiotics and digestive enzymes suitable for the entire family,  UDO's oil and many other UDO supplements. The original Swedish Bitters, Floressence Tea (Essiac), Salus Calmag and Floradix iron . 

Flora Health Circu Vein. A wonderful product made with Diosmin (Citrus sinensis fruit).450mg, Hesperidin (Citrus sinensis fruit)  50 mg.  Flora’s CircuVein is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins within just 2 months! The first product of its kind, CircuVein alleviates symptoms of varicose veins, and repairs and strengthens blood vessels. This clinically-proven formula also relieves symptoms of hemorrhoids and swelling in the legs. Features:

  • Acts as an antioxidant and supports veins by reducing inflammation
  • Protects and tones vascular blood vessels to prevent leakage, swelling and heaviness
  • Promotes healthy circulation for blood vessels
  • Relieves symptoms (pain, edema, bleeding) associated with acute and chronic hemorrhoid diseases
  • Formulated  for optimum absorption
  • Safe for long term
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free


Fortex - Energy tonic with Propolis extract, Royal Jelly, Pollen and Panax Ginseng in liquid form.


​Hazelwood Necklaces used for teething babies, morning sickness, acid re-flux and other problems related to an acidic body. We have adult necklaces, bracelets and infant necklaces used for teething.

Hemp Oil/Cannabis Sativa - There are 45 nutrients the human body can’t live without, nor can our bodies manufacture, 24 minerals,13 vitamins 8 amino acids. No single food has all of them.ed Marijuana Seed Oil gel capscontain 100% pure Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil (strain is bred for medicinal purposes) and provides the perfect ratio of the omega cluster (3,6 and 9) to the exacting ratio that mammals require for optimum health. Research has shown that supplementation with omega 3 alone can have a reverse effect on the immune system and can lead to hardening of the arteries. Med Marijuana Seed Oil gel caps have an 80% concentration of essential fatty acids and ontain as substantial amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Potassium, calcium., magnesium,  iron, copper (good for absorption, storage and metabolism of iron and is required for brain development and nerve cell communication). The protein mimics the globulin protein found in our bodies.


Herbasante - Candidaide - a homeopathic remedy for candida and yeast overgrowth.

Himalayan Crystal salt lamps in 3 sizes,  tea light holders in Himalayan Crystal Salt, cone shaped tealight holder in metal stand, Himalayan Coarse salt, salt and garlic shakers, salt and masala shakers, salt and grinder


Homeocan children's pain relief. This pain relief works for infants and children up to the age of 9. It is safe and effective and could be used in replace of Tylenol. 

Homeotox - an herbal and homeopathic detox safe to use when taking prescription drugs and gentle enough for the sensitive

system and the elderly.

Ionic silver solution by Jardine Pacific - ionic silver is one of the best silver solutions and easiest to absorb. This is the most powerful, laboratory tested, pharmaceutical grade ionic silver shown to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins, pollution and parasites in the body. Taken daily it can eliminate acne, allergies, colds, flu, candida, yeast infections, warts, lyme disease and much more. We also carry it in a topical gel and an antibacterial spray used for counters, air freshener and fabric. 


Japaneese Mint Oil used for any type of physical pain, emotional balancing, chest colds, improving circulation and many more uses. 


​Kishu - Japanese Active Charcoal water filter to drop in your water bottle, water pitcher or pet bowl, works immediately to absorb toxins and lasts 4 months.

Lemurian Plug is a Lemurian crystal plate that you plug into an outlet into your home or office. Within 2 days the plug will ground your space and the people within.

Living Clay - clay that you ingest for detoxing and deep cleansing the body. The world’s finest clay, safe to use internally or externally to restore your body to excellent health. Safe for daily use.  

LivOn’s patented Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C encapsulates the C molecules in liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids, which protect the C from destruction by your digestive juices. Within minutes of taking Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C, liposomes filled with Vitamin C are transported directly into the bloodstream, and into the cells. Vitamin C is often attributed to its role as an antioxidant. However, it is much more than that. No other antioxidant can perform the many additional physiological and biological roles that vitamin C fills.

Maiga Shea Butter products, 100% Certified Organic and Fair Trade, raw silky Shea Butter combined with pure essential oils. Shea Butter is considered to be a superior healer and moisturizer for aging, distressed or dry skin. Absorbs quickly, does not clog pores, baby safe, handmade using a 5 hour artisan process that has been passed on through generations for thousands of years. We carry the facial cleanser, black soap, facial scrub, and the blended Shea Butters. Use for acne, anti aging, moisturizing, sunburns and scars, stretch marks, bumps after shaving, dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis, eczema and mush more. Healing of cuts and wounds, diaper rash and many skin conditions. Shea Butter is anti fungal, anti bacterial, moisturizing, promotes new tissue growth. 

Menosense and Maca - When you keep your hormones balanced you are more likely to keep muscle mass as you age, which in turn helps keep your bones healthy and strong. Keeping hormones in balance is key to avoiding many age related illnesses and can be  achieved with a very clean, healthy diet that includes mostly raw foods. Regular exercise that includes exercise with both weights and some cardio also is key in balancing hormones and keeping bones strong and muscles healthy. To help with hot flashes, mood swings and other menopausal symptoms include Menosense and Maca into your supplement regime. For women Menosense helps balance the hormones and reduce symptoms and Maca opens the hormone receptors to allow your hormones to go into the proper cells to function as they should. For men include the Brad King Male Energy to help balance the hormones.

Menstrual pads -made with seaweed as the absorbent layer. A soft cotton top prevents moisture and bacteria buildup, which prevents chaffing and infection. One day pad can be worn for the entire day and changed in the  evening, they are that absorbent. There are also night pads and liners. They all have a negative ion strip that draws out toxins. Commercial pads an  tampons have chemicals in them to create a longer heavier menstrual cycle, to  sell more product. We have had many women give excellent feedback on the pads,reducing length and intensity of cycle.

Monat hair care products to order direct go to http://wholebodyhealth.mymonat.com/

MoziQ a homeopathic remedy for people and pets. This remedy is taken internally to receive protection for 2-3 hours from mosquitoes, black flies, ticks, lice, bedbugs, horse flies, no-see-ums and sand flies.


NAKA - Naka Herbs & Vitamins Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium quality herbal products for the health food market.  

NAKA'S Nutri Meno is a liquid menopause formula. One tablespoon at the end of the day is all you need to reduce menopause symptoms. A different formulation from others Nutri Meno contains Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Gamma-Oryzanol, Maca, Sage, ChasteTree Berry and Schizandra.  


Natural Factors

Natural Factors carries many vitamin and mineral supplements, whey powder, meal replacements, probiotics and the very popular PGX fiber. 

Natural Household Cleaning - Ellen’s carries a variety of environmentally responsible cleaning products, including various Laundry Detergents, Dish washing Liquid, All Purpose Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners, Floor Cleaners and more. Come visit the store and browse through brands such as Seventh Generation, Attitude, Simply Clean, and Nature Clean.

Natural Plantation Purslane supplements - The Power Food of the Future. Studies show Purslane is rich in fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. 

Now Foods We carry a large selection of Now Foods supplements and food products. Now is carrier for one of the largest lines of herbal and sports nutrition product lines. 

Pilots Friend Healthy Energy Drink - Precision crafted by bio-scientists and nutritionists, originally made for active duty jet pilots, PilotsFriend promotes optimal concentration, performance and health without the adverse effects associated with caffeinated beverages and sugary energy drinks. After more than 10 years of success in Europe this all-natural energy tonic is finally available in Canada. "We deliver the highest product quality, excellence and purity. That means we refuse monocultures, pesticides and genetic engineering. We believe we must treat Mother Nature with love and respect, which is why we do everything we can to help preserve an ecological balance." 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS

Prairie Naturals is a privately owned, family business headquartered near Vancouver, BC, Canada. They make products designed to help you "Live the Healthy Life” and are dedicated to your health success based on current nutritional research — so you get the results you need and want. Some core branded supplements include: Greens-Force™, Blueberry Greens-Force™, Cranberry Greens-Force™, Morning Rise & Shine™; Vigor-Force for Men™, Liquid Solutions. Prairie Naturals products are formulated to fit within specific health categories that include, Colourful superfood powders,  Immune system health,  Complete multiple vitamin, Joint & connective tissue health, Essential fatty acids & mineral supplements, Healthy aging & antioxidants  and so much more. Visit www.prairienaturals.com Navitas Naturals  is your premier source for the finest organic super foods. Whether powering through a day at work, hitting the trails, or just needing an extra edge, everyone can benefit from the energy of organic functional foods. These ultra nourishing edibles - acai, cacao, maca and goji berries - make being at your prime easier than ever. With their naturally-occurring antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and essential nutrients, the rewards of super food energy last a lifetime. 

Prairie Naturals Fermented Barley Grass - Organic, vegan, non GMO, Gluten Free

                              Organic Aqua Greens - Spirulina & Chlorella - the perfect superfood duo. 

PrairieNaturals BONE BROTH PROTEIN for bone & joint health, hair, skin & nail health, Organic Proteins. It is 100% organic, Grass fed beef / Free-range chicken, 98% protein beef / 92% protein chicken, made in the USA with USDA-inspected bones, minimally processed and spray-dried, antibiotic-free, dairy free, Paleo friendly, low Sodium, no Carbs, no sugars, no additives, MSG, preservatives, non GMO, Gluten Free, non-allergenic.

Preferred Nutrition is a Canadian company that specializes in supplements that aid in balancing men's and women's hormonal issues. Find them on Facebook and enter to win fantastic prizes monthly. Go to  pno.ca sign up for their newsletters and print off valuable coupons. Watch the Star Phoenix for their quarterly specials.

PuraCell™ is a powerful blend of minerals, herbs, and enzymes designed to support cellular regeneration and daily detoxification. Cracked-wall chlorella, the star ingredient in PuraCell™, is considered one of the most complete “foods” as it contains a comprehensive list of micro-nutrients: Full amino acid profile, Excellent source of B-12 (50% RDA), Vitamins A, C, E, and K, B-complex, niacin, and pantothenic acid, RNA and DNA, Folic acid, biotin, and choline, Calcium and manganese, Copper, zinc, and iodine, Highest concentration of chlorophyll
The cellular benefits* of these nutrients may include: Immune system support, Proper pH balance, Improved digestion and intestinal health, Heavy metal detoxification, Hemoglobin support, Reduced cholesterol levels, Liver detoxification. We live in a toxic environment. PuraCell™ harnesses the power of chlorella to cleanse and support the body in two ways – as a “Gentle Daily” cleansing regiment or as a “Quick 30-Day” flush, depending on dosage.

Quench products - Ionic Copper, Iodine, Ionic Trace Minerals. 

Renew Life produces the leading digestive health products and supplements available in health food stores and takes great pride in producing the finest-quality products. 

Renew Life Cerebrum, to increase your cognitive performance, improve your memory, increase your attention accuracy, enhance your working memory speed.  www.renewlife.ca


Renew Life 30 cleanse kit - Are you feeling tired and sluggish? Come into Ellen's and bring your energy back with the Renew Life 30 cleanse kit.This cleanse focuses on the lungs, liver, lymph, skin, colon, kidneys and blood. By combining the cleanse with a healthy diet you will begin to sleep better and feel more energized in the day. This is also a good way to begin eating healthy again. Add a high quality multi vitamin into your diet will also help with sleep, energy and focus.

Santevia water pitchers with filter - similar to Brita but with the same great filtration system as Santevia. Come into Ellen's and check them out.

Saskatchewan products: Free range eggs, honey, sprouting seeds, ground flax, lentils, seeds and grains, skin care, hemp hearts, vitamins and supplements, gluten free oatmeal and oat mixes and much more. 

Selenite lamps in 2 sizes, as well selenite votive or tea light holders


Sisu provides one of the best multi vitamins in capsule form and the best vitamin C and a large selection of Kids supplements by Sisu.

Sisu - No. 7 - to help with recovery from sports and exercise, therapeutic doses of many ant  inflammatory, healing properties. (Boswellia, White Willow, Cayenne, Ginger, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Collagen)  Helps with joints and soft tissue repair.

Singing bowls for meditation or to clear space.

Spektrum Eye Glasses - If you are one of the millions of people around the world that are using their phones, computers or handheld device then you have most likely experienced some sleepless nights and dry/sore eyes or eye fatigue and body fatigue. This is caused by an excess of blue light that our bodies were not designed for. Blue light from the sun helps our bodies determine day from night, and when it’s time for sleep. The introduction of computers and television to our lives often distorts our body’s ability to do this and throws off our body's circadian rhythm, or biological clock. Spektrum's product line helps filter the colors that enter your eye's to prevent negative aspects of our essential devices. Unlike sunglasses they do not reduce overall light or make the world look darker. Instead they tint the range of colors we see to avoid the disruption of our internal clock and prevents the damaged caused to our eyes.

Spring/Fall Detox - an herbal and homeopathic 12 day detox for the lungs, liver, kidneys, colon, skin and blood.

Varieties of sprouted food products from Spalding Saskatchewan. Sprouting the lentils, brown rice, chia, broccoli and flax removes the phytic acid, lectins, tannins and other parts of the seed that reduce the body's ability to absorb the nutrients from the seed. Sprouting the seeds make the food more bioavailable, easier to digest and more nutritious. For more info go to www.biolivenutrition.com. Some of the benefits of

   - antioxidants and vitamins can increase as much as 1000%
   - enzymes can increase as much as 800%
   - ratio of soluble to insoluble fibre is improved
   - easier to absorb omega 3's
   - Gaba and Proline in brown rice are increased
   - Sulforaphane is 50 times higher in sprouted broccoli than in mature heads of broccoli

Sukin Skin care 

NOW Foods Sulmedol, a capsule supplement that uses sublimed sulfur to reactivate the lactase enzyme. Sulmedol eliminates lactose intolerance by reactivating your body's natural production of lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose. Most people only need to use the product for 2 months for complete correction. 

SUNWARRIOR all raw, plant based protein in several flavors and Sun Warrior raw greens.

Supreme Fulvic & Humic Complex™ Your premium-quality source of organic, full-spectrum, plant-based nutrients. Supreme Fulvic & Humic Complex™ is a unique organic proprietary alkaline liquid fulvic acid humic acid formulation naturally containing over 72 fulvic humic trace minerals, trace vitamins, 18 amino acids, and an abundance of other beneficial naturally occurring organic source humic phytochemicals and constituents that are nature's way of helping your body.

Tao ll Books "Divine Healing Hands", the newest Tao Song and Dance books,(pronounced Dow).  These books can bring about great healing in ourselves and our lives and they were given to me so that I may gift the forward. There is no cost on the books and anyone who is interested in the books may stop by and pick up a copy of each. Just having them in your space will bring blessings and they can help release karma and bring about  great benefits in your life. Please stop by for your set of books and we can  explain more at that time. 

Truehope’s Nascent Iodine Advanced is produced using an advanced patented process wherein the iodine is pre-converted to the form necessary to promote proper thyroid function and hormone balance. This form of iodine is “BIO IDENTICAL” to what the thyroid has to convert all other forms of iodine to before it can be used. Because Nascent Iodine does not require conversion by the thyroid, it is a gentle yet powerful supplement. You can expect great life changing results whether you are experiencing compromised thyroid function or your thyroid is functioning optimally.Our Nascent Iodine is produced with non-ocean source iodine, instead it is extracted from iodine mines in the mid-eastern United States. 

UDO's Oil 3.6.9 Blend - We know that the human body like most machines, needs oil to run at its best. See how UDO's Oil 3.6.9 Blend can help improve your performance. 

Vega -An all vegan natural plant based whole food. With Vega, you’re not just nourishing your body— you’re making a stand for vitality, never having to compromise between whole food goodness and fast food convenience when choosing your fuel for life.

Vibes Up - There are Vibrational therapies from nature that can help you keep your vibrations attracting good throughout the day even when you’re not thinking about it. Crystals, gemstones, and frequency oils all have their own energy and Vibrational frequency. Vibes UP has combined essential plant oils (frequency oils) with gemstones making them more specific. We than amplify their abilities with a patent pending Liquid Crystal coating. Science has harnessed the energy of clear quartz crystal.

Vibes Up - stainless steel water bottles with a Earth Bottom charging coaster. The coaster charges healthy energy into food and drinks, clears non beneficial energy from food and drinks, increases strength and energy and is reusable. When the bottom of the bottle is held to your heart chakra it helps to open up your heart center and you will feel a warm, loving sensation.  

"Who Needs Light" a complete guide to Ascension written by Dr. Kathryn May, a clinical psychologist from New York.  www.whoneedslight.org

Whole Earth Sea Fermented Organic Protein & Greens is a 100% fermented and certified organic formula providing 21 g of quality plant protein in every serving. This exceptional non-GMO, vegan-friendly green superfood formula contains fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables, and micronized medicinal mushrooms to support an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Organic Greens is a 100% fermented and certified organic formula providing 6 g of quality plant protein in every serving. This exceptional non-GMO, vegan-friendly green superfood formula contains fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables, and micronized medicinal mushrooms to support an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.


Whole Earth And Sea Multivitamins, Herring Oil, Advanced omega oils for the brain, Vegan Vitamin D, Bone Builder - Our free-state vitamins and minerals are derived from whole food sources including our Farm Fresh Factors – raw nutrition from whole plants that captures all the vibrant energy of nature. Combining active food-sourced vitamins and minerals within the Farm Fresh Factors™ matrix serves as nature’s medicine to activate cellular detoxification and promote healthy cell protection. This line is Vegan, Non GMO, Raw and Whole Food. 


Wiegers Financial benefit holders are entitled to 10% off all product* when they bring in their Wiegers benefit card.*some exceptions may apply.

Winalite cell phone protector  - Protect yourself from EMF (electromagnetic frequency) from cell phones and home or work portable phones with the Winalite cell phone protector. The EMF protector blocks 70 % of all of the emf frequencies. These frequencies from electronics can cause damage to our cells. An EMF card is available for people who work in front of a computer daily. The card is worn on a cord around the neck. The phone protectors last for 2 years and the computer cards last for 6 years. 

Wind Chimes - We have a selection of wind chimes with precious stones attached to them.