Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force.  It is a technique of hands on healing for relieving stress and bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Reiki can assist you spiritually for personal growth, and in many areas of your life.  Through gentle touch, the healing energy is transferred to the client to balance mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies.  This is non-invasive and very relaxing, allowing you to release stress from all areas of your life. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the energy that assists the client to bring about their own healing and balance.


  • Helps us to let go of the negative aspects of our lives and become more positive      
  • Helps us to release emotional pain from the past that has been kept inside
  • Comforts those suffering from grief.  It helps the grief process run its course in a calm less painful way
  • Can be used safely in conjunction with all other conventional health practices
  • Allows for a better sleep by releasing stress and worry
  • ​Is great for preventing anxiety and panic attacks

One hour Reiki Treatments are $60

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